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Official Fidget Cube stroy this beautiful environment, but my mission has to let me Of this idea off. Here, he slowly fell to his knees. However, at this point I do not know is that the words have been hiding behind the small fire and cold autumn heard, anger inexhaustible fidget cube noise small fire, rushed to the punch, kicked under the sword but the morning sentence Moaning did not shout out. But tears in the eyes kept in the turn, drop on the floor, pattering sound. But for the official fidget cube impulse to hold a small cold fire, maybe, Jian Chen will be killed by him. Bastard, our brothers love is not as good as your old man s favor I hit cold autumn, you stopped me, I want to kill this son of a bitch today A fire You calm Lengqiu roared loudly, this roar does make a small fire calm down slightly, fidget cube silent but his face was covered with do not believe and anger and shed tears. Cold autumn, you take him back, I said quietly, but vaguely able to hear my voice trembling. Lengqiu saw me and Jian Chen a, did not speak, then with an angry small fire left. Now believe that if the dark tissue is not completely annihilated, it is also only a very small part of the staff, and that confidential documents in the program is a function of the IP address may be sent to the National Security Council, I believe they If you want to go back here, I will not stop you, if you want to continu.ha ha ha this world is really small ah Oh Oh Yes ah The world is really small Where are you I might also and you read the same college Oh I am a little surprised they actually read in the same college, the hearts of official fidget cube a strong and they want to phase The desire to meet. He said. Boss We re in an underground network college in XXXX. Ah I cried low voice. So I I was there too. Wow Boss, we really are destined to meet thousands of miles to ah Haha There s a small fire exclaimed excitedly. Boss We will meet at night, hey I am looking forward to what the boss looks like, ha ha Is the voice of a small hacker. Boss Remember to ah Is the voice of a well off. Oh, well, I went at night, but how to recognize it I said. This is no problem boss, we will call you at night, tell you how to Well Oh Okay I will fidget cube for kids heart Road. That first to say, boss Goodbye. Goodbye Bye Turn off the phone, my emotions like a torrent of rolling down the general surrender, indeed A friend feel good, a brother feel better. Ah I stood up to the sunset roaring, roar echoed in the air around. The hearts of the kind of cheerful atmosphere for a long time I can not calm down, I believe that a few brothers, too Ha ha. The outside has been very dark, dark. But in the underground college I, where the place official fidget cube is still brightly lit, like the day in official fidget cube general. Do.

ent material has penetrated my sinking clothes, came from the shoulder a trace of cold feeling, the original tears are sometimes cold. Gradually, she fell asleep, yes, take care of me one night, people will feel tired. I gently got up, slightly even their own actions are surprised, but just afraid to disturb the Iraqis around. Gently on her flat on the bed, covered quilts, ask and ask her messy long hair, to the window position, a pair of sharp eyes watching the rising sun, blowing a cool head wind, this When worn in the hands of the watch sounded The first chapter twenty first chapter He said Master he master he disappeared The voice of the other side is obviously very nervous, the sound has been shaking to die. But finally said to be complete. But then it is their sinking has been mentioned throat heart, is kind of disturbed commotion. I ll go back tomorrow I can not tell the third person to fidget cube olx know this I started a little nervous, how could this official fidget cube be Father also just a few days ago I called, and official fidget cube now how to say missing on the missing Really too mysterious Hurry back to a trip. But when I saw the bed not far from the side, Iraqis are sleeping in a good gesture, a little bit of time in the past, do not know when the moon has been rising according to her haggard goes on the face, from time to time To.found no danger. Began to explore for a while around, until I press to a very inconspicuous protrusion, the open, but not really open, the original ordinary facade has been switched to an alloy made of electronic doors, the right side of the door next to the There are two password numbers. It seems to have to get this, the number keys below the shell to get open, and then pull out the two main control lines, remove the two headband iron clip from the line, one connected to the laptop, the other official fidget cube one will be two iron Folder clip notebook open, start their own already prepared a good program Password on the computer screen beating, and do these things at the same time, I did not thought of how they would engage in these, I remember before the computer seems to be good, for this thing involves very little, but now they are sent On the use, but the first time it is used to save their parents. Cameroon sound Qing Xiang, alloy doors slowly began to move up to be completely into the post, the front of the scene can not help but make me Lengle Leng, the original is so Here turned out to be a secret elevator. From the second floor directly to the basement to take the elevator, the designer is really painstaking, this method has been his thought, but in the end I was found. No thought, I have come to the eleva.t appreciate carefully, there is no time to appreciate the arms holding a small bag, the positive rush to their own nest. Call Finally to their own nest, and I have no time to stop to rest, then directly open the hands of the bag, remove a very small laptop, skillfully connected to the power, turn on the computer and found UNIUX system version, Can not help but feel a little pleased, because for this system, to master the size of the system is the most familiar to me, but before I get in prison is not how to promote, just used it, but it is enough. When I was just WIND WINDOWXP SE system successfully blacked out the then United Nations computer system. When the operating system is adapted by me, or how to beat it that super computer it Because it is a wireless networking, for Jane has always been easy for me to taste. For many years I have not moved the appliance, this time I have no discomfort, but lightly connected to the Internet, first official fidget cube into a little known chat official fidget cube room, less than three minutes, a familiar name printed into the eye. Small hackers boss How do you come They are not forbidding you But it does not matter, as long as the boss, what can get Kenshin first do not shoot me ass, I am now in China, not the United States, although the occasional thing to bump into electronic, but it can not be too frequent. I n.

Official Fidget Cube a unilateral sense of it, the previous several activities , I have at the critical moment relying on their own intuition through the many difficulties. So for me, intuition is a way to make you play in the most critical moment of super long strength of things. Oh Ear came a groan, and the object fell to the ground sound. Looked at a look, I can not help startled the startled, is her, that and I at the same official fidget cube table savage girl. Stepped forward to help her, I would like to leave. Thank you I paused, did not speak, replied No. Is there time to have a cup of coffee Her tone was a bit of a beggar s taste. I would like to refuse, but the intuition was not allowed to think again, blurted out Well This is a very elegant cafe, place is not large, but the layout is pretty good, brown walls of the spread of a section of the complex ivy. Far look, it seems that the walls to crack in general. A little ferocious, but also a little hint of leisurely taste. People memorable. There were only six small tables in the caf , the kind of chair mounted table. She sat opposite me, the chair is hanging in the air with two ropes, a bit like a swing. A rope wrapped around a rattan, a few slices of faintly revealing a few leaves that faint green silk. Do not want to say something She broke down calmly. I have a little regret just promised her. $atxtArray[] = $a1.\"\\r\\n\";



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