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Fidget Cube Unilad boss came strange strange itch Kenshin Do not be so anxious, wait a little bit of you, those dry red passenger is not eating dry rice, wait a minute, be careful, it is best to put a small fire and a well off. Small hacker know I go now, boss Wait for a link ah Kenshin Well Got it I began to stealth. To teach those hongke. You must first find the IP address, this seems to you readers should know it But where to find They fidget cube unilad can not appear like a public website Hongke is doing Hongke on the equivalent of network police and police of course is going to the Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau of the network system is not as difficult as I imagined, but still spent half an hour, hey It seems that technology is regressive. I get no access to the system after the page eligibility, I have no time to stay and then immediately copy the information of their members inside, but things and I think the same, not so simple, but fortunately I am not so impatient, or certainly in their trap, Nonsense Is the public security is a vegetarian ah Which set up a very small LOCK system, but not ordinary secret so simple, the complexity of which can really chat with me than the design of encryption compared, and There are a few concealed. This does not include the inside of the tracking program and anti tracking program, an.nt of us in the past, when the past is a heavy look, do not reveal like this expression, do not Do young master really mature. Open the door, I went alone, sitting in the cab, the car toward the Forbes they said I go home at the trouble you Said to start over the car, speeding away, leaving a ray of dust Ai. My driving license is in fact the name of the father to do, can be considered half a fake, but my driving skills can be said that in addition to the puzzled father, can be considered top masters. That conspicuous BMW sports car parked in the airport gate, people coming and going, can not but say this is not a symbol of a developed city, slowly into the airport, I bought a ticket to New York, in fact, Let my private helicopter to carry me in the past, but I do not like, perhaps because the first time and Shen Hui encounter the reasons for it Also to ride this civil aircraft. At this point, the huge room for hospitality, a burst of fresh sound sounded, take the civil aviation XXXX passengers please prepare to board the plane, take XXXX flight passengers please prepare the registration machine. Is the time on the machine, I am free to plug into the trousers with one hand, the other hand holding the ticket, went to the jail gate. However, at this time, I saw a person, a person I feel a little angry

I Hands on the keyboard quickly transported to do, 10m bandwidth speed and I did not let the decision has been hindered, this is enough. Of course, this is not with me before that I was modified by the machine than, after all, two different classes, different levels of things it A password on the screen to fill in the box, re enter a password, after a short time, the screen did not I imagine, open a host layout. Instead, it pops up a conspicuous dialog box invaildpassword FUCK I whispered a little angrily curse, it seems have to admit that a lot of technical degradation. But I immediately sorted out my thoughts, now is not the time to this. Each attack a site or system must maintain a fidget cube unilad very clear mind, I was eager to crack the damn password, is indeed too hasty, guilty of hackers taboo taboo. Can not help but feel a little regret. Start quiet, carefully began to analyze the damn password program. Generally speaking, the invasion of a system in terms of methods are only the following 1 operating system attacks 2 application layer attacks 3 script and sample program attacks 4 misconfiguration attacks and I now want to not attack the Hummer network system, but Would like to invade, and then toss inside a few back, this is my usual practice, to do that kind of vanity on my heart seems to have a kind of sense of satisfac.hile. For safety reasons, I will watch the anesthetic emitters within the anesthetic needle more than doubled, about a hundred more than it Should be enough. Is ready, and now as long as take to a pass on the OK In fact, I do not have fidget cube unilad a great grasp of this action, but for the family, I have to take some risks. Night has been quietly coming, I just bought to wear the tights, wearing infrared detection glasses, a small notebook with two rubber bands pulled. Back in the body, but not a trace of discomfort. Night is deep, I climbed out of the window, backhand tied a long rope slowly from the 12 floor slide down. The first chapter twenty seventh chapter Readers DD First niche first thank you today fidget cube unilad for niche humble support, but recently even to conduct a major revision, the content of the plot some fidget cube unilad of the Department also requested a lot of DD pointing That prick try to pick, but Do not send in the following. Hey Send to my new mailbox Come wuwu111 I will try to be modified within a day Also please DD support Night has been very deep, originally in the streets of New York late at night, is very lively, but I live next to the hotel is very quiet, do not know why. But now there is no time to consider this issue. Quickly went to that goal opposite the building under the building, this time around is no sound, it seem.phere, all in an instant feeling, absolutely can not be used in a few words can speak clear. Well Ha ha Really good The old man said, laughing, laughed loudly, without any restraint, see, he was very happy. Although I did not like the old man laughed, but the heart is also very fidget cube best buy happy. The old man I want to start again Help me arrange Laughter stopped, I said. The old man nodded approvingly and looked at me and smiled Oh Oh Do not worry This is your room to live later, the school s central computer database, which some information may be useful to you, you can Go in and see. Rest assured, the old man I know how to do it Although some of my personality changes, but I prefer to call him the old man. May be called accustomed to it But the president of the old man seems to be getting more and more smiles the old man, his room keys are ready, it seems this is his own planted to the trap, but this is willing to jump into it Ha ha So no how to say. Took the old man in the hands of that chic key, I took this relatively chic room. Since that came back at the top of the hill, I closed myself for two days, two days I sat like this, looking at the front of the void, there is the feeling of weakness. The brain has been wandering with such a question I live, for what money I have a lot of, and more with several life are used up t.

Fidget Cube Unilad re taking. After reading, I was too excited to know how to describe, but the excitement I am still very puzzled, why he was Shen Hui disease investigation, and how to know my relationship with her, and how to know Shen Hui slow is a priori fidget cube unilad Of heart disease. Even more surprising is how he will have the fidget cube unilad drug list. Yang Song see me puzzled and looked at him, smiled and said Do not use this look at me, in fact, this recipe is just I accidentally get, as to why I know you so much, Oh When it comes to the last, his smile thicker, but it is a good laugh, and friends like. fidget cube unilad At this moment, I suddenly want to intersect with his impulse. But the fate of the arrangements tend to make people feel helpless. Thank you My thanks in this life, every time so I feel warm. Is the friendship, is the family, and brotherhood and that do not know whether to say love or love. He was startled and said Go fast back, give you a month, I wait for you That time I will not mercy. Speaking of the end he had to face, slowly away. I too I shouted. The hearts of his feelings do not know whether to thank or hate. But one thing, he really wanted to own before. So full of confidence. On the way to the hospital, I can not wait to call the principal to the old man, told him no matter what, immediately down to the first hospital to the city. No other old.a little anxious, but this is only one, fear fidget cube 6 pack is afraid of each other when you relax the alert to a surprise, it is bad. Boss has Lengqiu asked. No ah Do not know how the boss now. Small fire back. Red League over there How Everything is good, the other seems to have given up the attack, but another area has also been their invasion. Do not know what they are playing tricks Chen Ming anger Blonde blue eyed young man sitting in front of the computer, slightly squinting at the front of the screen, the wall clock is 1 40 minutes. There are twenty minutes of the world will find the earth shaking changes in the pattern, it is difficult to imagine the original rich and peaceful world, in 20 minutes will become a human hell, the economy eventually lead to war, and an outbreak of war is difficult to stop. Are you ready Everything is ready, so the time has come. Well, blonde blue eyed young man raised a smile slightly as if the world would change because of him In fact, as I am now this identity BK6, also eligible to enter the Council room, but not in the highest ruling consent to enter the case can only be invasive, break the Chamber of Council room access password is not difficult, but afraid, in the Chamber After the system will record the landing of the Council room for each account, and each cabinet an hour to enter ano.



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