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Fidget Cube Toys For Christmas Gift black pistol, aimed at the Shen Hui I promise I shouted, let them go Niya very arrogantly laughed Well Then, made a gesture to the back. Those cloak men are very interesting to unlock their shackles. Shen Hui fluttering at this time Do not Do not promise him, Kenshin I startled a startled, this time, a silver pistol at my head, snapped I soon ended my thinking, the moment, I feel that the sky is faint, the ground is dark, I seem to hear a man crying in the ear, a drop to fall on my cheek, there is a Sticky whirring feeling, is the blood. Later, I will not have a memory. Only know that he woke up in a bed, in front of a few strangers, they call me Ouyang Kenshin. Say this is my name. They also said about me a lot of things, but I have forgotten. Only fidget cube toys for christmas gift to know their own sitting on the bed for the girls and two middle aged couple of a little over half a little impression. A month later How You really want to go to the United States A sixtieth old man asked. Well, I contacted, I heard there is a special treatment of amnesia equipment and equipment. We want to try. A middle aged man replied. Well, that early to go back early Goodbye The old man looked at me deeply said. Goodbye old man I said subconsciously. Then on the plane. The old man suddenly Yizheng, two middle aged couple is also a look of surprise.his thing is so difficult, but he is so incompetent, yes. The reality is cruel, and only in constant efforts to make their own real feel the pressure of life, the cruel reality. I do not know to my current age, identity, to understand whether these are a bit strange, but the understanding is to understand, can not change the fact that I can now be frustrated really is the biggest time in my life. I am a bit can not afford, but not willing to be defeated. But also will not let people wantonly mercy. Hackers, the biggest purpose is freedom, there is no freedom what are in vain, meaningless. But now is the fact that I had to do so, I look out the window, the night is still so quiet, my heart has fidget cube buy been virtually fascinated by its unique charm, but the heart felt Is not sweet, but a hint of bitter taste. The thought fidget cube toys for christmas gift of sweet. My mind can not help but surfaced a figure, a woman I will never forget. Shen fidget cube toys for christmas gift Hui Are you okay I murmured sermon. But I do not know is that at this time, not far from a high level villa, in a large gorgeous balcony, a maiden voice sorrowful looking at the stars seems to be looking for something, but a long time can not hope To. Suddenly, she seemed to be shock like, softly cried Kenshin behind the words, even she can not distinguish, just blindly remembered the name. After looking around, b.

o ask, why should we monitor the song Uh The old man seemed a bit helpless. Excuse me, I excused, I will not force you, after all, this is a state secret. Tell you no harm, but you have to promise that I can not hear today can not let a third person know, or you should also know the consequences of diarrhea disclosure of state secrets. Here, the old man s eyes obviously become sharp up. I know, I promise you, I said calmly. In fact, in recent years, our country s scientific and technological development is not outside the rumors so obscure, on the contrary our country has successfully developed a successful neutron weapons, No. ZH001 plasma weapons, No. ZH002 Although the research process was very confidential, it was infiltrated by agents from several other countries and attempted to steal information from the two weapons. But because of this, each country has sent a network of agents to try to steal our confidential information. Some time ago, we found an unknown IP address even in our unprepared intrusion into the system network to try to steal neutron weapons, No. ZH001 plasma weapons, No. ZH002 these two confidential information. But ultimately did not succeed. Although we look at this address, but can not find a specific address, but probably know that the IP address is derived from the XX area. According to.g at the tree that I used to sit, not far away, but now it was gone. In the past, I did not take into account the tree they often sit on what tree, but I found that regardless of wind and rain, it always stood motionless on the hill, swinging branches and leaves. Occasionally one day around a friend blurted out The barbarians how the tree disappeared I looked down the direction he was referring to. Sure enough, the original trees on the mountain trees have been vivid and disappear, but with only half of the trunk. It should be that night, was mine in the bar Friends silently read Road. Looking at the trunk, I fidget cube toys for christmas gift looked a little melancholy, wondering why, after I accepted my own sixth sensation , I felt that everything around me, even a tiny thing, It seems it is not so small on the surface. Boss what he was thinking Small fire station asked not far away. Do not know, perhaps to think about it Jian Chen back. Want to have that kind fidget cube toys for christmas gift of expression Small fire pointed to me not far away. Boss is to think of a girl Has been silent in the cold side next to blurting said, this sentence, Daorang small fire them, suddenly Lengle Leng, because they all know the boss s character, melancholy fidget cube toys for christmas gift in addition to a bit People are not easy to get along with the atmosphere, the brothers on the side, but like brothers and sisters, never put.mply, the dark organization to fidget cube toys for christmas gift fame the world is not their own imagination so simple. As long as a person to let the Red League know that this matter they will cooperate with me, this is not a good thing, the same will also allow the dark organization of suspicion, which also reach their own goals, let the dark organization believe that they are true BK6 and participated in the outbreak of the world economic crisis task. Know. I will leave the end of a ROOM. It seems this is not to do is not to do, Maybe there will be a miracle fidget cube wholesale happened. I comfort myself Small fire, Red League XX site server by unknown attack, there are people who resist and repair. Chen Ming in the side of a serious Road. These days to get along, they also began to produce a mutual feeling of mutual resentment, began to call each other brother up. What Is the dark organization so quickly began to act Small fire fidget cube toys for christmas gift alarmed Road. No, if they start the action will not be the first to attack Red League s official website, but also is likely to expose their whereabouts, is likely to be a trap under each other, you have to be careful. Is it so they are next to playing Chen Ming Road, under the excitement of emotion, his face showing Jisi blush. Cold is not what he meant, he is afraid you are not careful into the trap under each other. Small fire in the sid.

Fidget Cube Toys For Christmas Gift htly back to the sentence, my heart suddenly cool a length, this is her voice Cold Can you give me another chance Come back to me, will not you I demanded. That year I asked you to let my father to live, okay Her voice is full of resentment. I I tried to explain, but she interrupted me. We do not say we can not the last sentence, she said a little melancholy to say, the tone was not so cold, but it still makes my heart broken again She is gone, and is the case of the same year, she is crying away, I did not catch up, but silly Leng Leng to stop in situ, ear echoed the words just We are not possible We Is impossible That year I balloon you let my father can come alive, okay She is still on that matter to heart. Ah I laughed softly, laughing a little bitter, a little self deprecating taste, a bit helpless, a little sad. A kind of urge to cry Before fidget cube toys for christmas gift he left, he looked at me deeply, said Maybe the sadness is not all experienced, some things need to fight for themselves, to change, God will not help you because of your sorrow, he only Will create one after another unexpected things. Deeply took a breath, he returned to me that hundred dollar bills continued, Rangers who do not need to bring a lot of money. fidget cube toys for christmas gift Then smiled and turned away from the go with. I remember he sai.o I do not know how long, I burst from the tear like headache to wake up, general weakness, only to find that they do not know when in their own room, and I do not want to know must be Mom and Dad do of. Just when I want to stand up, the phone rang, and I hand the abnormal head according to the pain, one hand difficult will bring in the hands of the mobile phone to try to pick up the watch. Hey fidget cube toys for christmas gift Be careful There came a burst of familiar female voice. Yes Mom What is it I asked the speaker channel. Oh, that s it, and I discussed with your dad, anyway, you are bored at home, it would be better to read it Your father has contacted you for a network of colleges. Oh, let me first consider Nothing to do, I first hung up Having said that I have no reason to reflect the mother will hang up the phone, re lying in bed, I suddenly feel, feel home People are really happy, but once I did not realize this, just blindly according to their own to do. Looked to wear, I think back to myself these days, I feel really a bit ridiculous, but it is fidget cube toys for christmas gift so understandable. A ray of sunshine in the morning do not know when it has sprinkled on my body, feeling Warm and warm Very comfortable I remember I did not seem to enjoy this old feeling Looked at the east horizon gradually revealing the mind of the sun, my heart could not help a burst of.



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