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Fidget Cube Malaysia e to do things and Road, this time cold autumn silent. Here, you and the small fire to help, here by me, we keep in touch. It seems that only the case. BK6 has completed the FA1 play, it seems he is really loyal to us, said one councilor. Things are not over, I believe that the Red Union over there should be in full swing and he was fighting it, Ha ha ha Do not control him in the afternoon I will target the task plan to you, in addition to BK6 other people are the first 3 In addition to acting FA1, FA2 acts to BK6 to complete, and you go to the side of the surveillance, what is wrong, immediately he killed and into the blacklist. However, why not let BK6 participate in this action, by his participation, I believe that our mission will be more smoothly. This thing you do not control, I will arrange. You go to work it The other party apparently issued a Zhugepin, Members can only Xingran retreat, the screen gradually become dimmed mark down. This damn ball, how so difficult Sitting in front of the computer screen, a small fire angrily fidget cube malaysia Road. I always feel that the other side seems to have been like us ah Each attack to the crucial time they always immediately retreat, as if what is hidden in the like. Chen side of the puzzled. Let them not fidget cube malaysia let us first, let s first good door to say it. What FA2 mission, why not let me.hould be a lot of open. The first volume of Chapter XVIII It has been five days, the semifinals of the day is coming, I surprisingly a little nervous. Seems to be the last that reason I am now on this game has not the slightest reluctance, because I believe that these people must have a master there This is my goal, that is to defeat him Night, I still and around the beautiful woman walking in the playground, do not know why, I always feel that tonight s night sky seems particularly beautiful, that twinkling stars seem to understand the general mind, blinking in the night sky, as if in Said Do not be nervous Believe in yourself You can win It smiled, I smiled. But do not see, but in the hearts of silent remembered. She and I strolled under the night sky, the two did not say how much, but it was able to clear each other s mind, it seems like it is incredible, but really is the case. Sometimes, some facts are not used in a few words can speak clearly, as long as you really put, then you can feel this very mysterious mood. How do you not sing tonight She tilted her head and looked at me with a pair of watery eyes. Oh Oh What do you want to hear I smirked. Well Casually as long as you sing I like She looked at me naughty Road. Oh I did not answer, just smiled. After a burst of fresh singing in this piece if the pla.

confused. I began to like at this time to see the sunset, and perhaps used to it. I do not know why either. Suddenly a sixteen chord tone interrupted my repairs. Also broke my interest in the beauty. Open the mobile phone, strange phone has been a long time did not ring, and now how suddenly sounded, and look at the numbers do not seem to father them. Hey, I said lightly. The boss Is you I was a small fire ah The other end of the phone emerge such a word, suddenly let me hear a little surprised a moment, but when I heard him call a small fire, Doubts will not be scattered. Oh Is you ah How free to call me ah Well off them I am happy Road. They are next to me, boss, do you spit the root they say ah Hey, Allan, do not call me strong, that you, fidget cube malaysia do not pull my clothes. Opposite fidget cube malaysia the fidget cube malaysia laughing called scolded broken ears, I suddenly There is a very warm feeling. A friend feel good Ah A fire, do not my neck ah I just strong over a few minutes to say it A Kang, you I am a small hacker, fidget cube press release Ha ha ha I could not bear, laughing out of the sound. Boss I am well off ah Where are you now Oh, I m out strolling, not in that school, but wait a minute and go back. Boss, I and a few small fire in the day before they have to contact each other, huh, huh Also meet friends, did not think we are in the same college for further study. The first chapter twenty fifth chapter To the people is the last and that Xu Xiaohuan with the man Li Long, for the enemy meet, I did not reveal a lot, but the pair of cold double pupil is staring at him. Listen to the principal of the old man said he also participated in the game, how the first two did not see I am a bit puzzled, but immediately restored as ever. On another ticket gate, I do not want to be together with the enemy scrutiny, but the fact is often not very good. On the plane, I used to go to first class warehouse to go, first class warehouse generally no one, it is precisely because of this, every time I do first class positions, perhaps I like a person s habits have not changed it I bought the first class of the votes By this time, a familiar figure came in, is he. How so clever Is it really can not avoid it Li Long seems to have found me, startled the startled would not how to say, but I still see a pair of cunning eyes, hum The best and I do not match with a stadium, or I will play dead you I secretly said. The plane took off, first class warehouse only a few people, I have not spoken, just looking out the window, fidget cube online buy New York Do you really have a way to make my puzzled father not to keep it Or or what factors in there I called a cup of coffee, slowly tasting, although not as I used.word is a legitimate organization, we just want to do what we like, do not want to be bound by any. I said firmly word by word. The old man was obviously confused by my words startled startled, not his mouth, I will be strong and said If there is nothing, I ll go back, but I will destroy the dark, but not for you, nor to country. After opening the door, the old man s face to restore to the original look, but the difference is that the mouth seems to hang a trace of that never disappear smile, mouth murmured Oh You will become a very outstanding network of agents , Even more than your parents are more outstanding. The wind is still blowing, on the way back, I could not help but called a chill The second chapter thirty first chapter challenges ten Dark two Black Sword and Red Union has established fidget cube makers a cooperative relationship, but not imagine it fidget cube malaysia may be because the two leaders of the above understanding the character of the problem above it Dark Well Know, if necessary, remember to steal the confidential information. Dark two but the password seems to have changed, not the last time fidget cube malaysia you give a password that dark. If they break, it may be very troublesome, but also not enough time to deal with the other members of the Black Sword. Dark This you can rest assured, fidget cube malaysia when necessary I will give you. Now continue t.

Fidget Cube Malaysia he life of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, there is sweet memory, or honey or astringent hope. I would like to ask yourself this time their feelings are sweet Is fidget cube malaysia the acid Is bitter Is spicy In fact, even I do not know. Since childhood I like to drink my father to the kind of bitter coffee. I do not like to add any impurities in the coffee, so I like to drink a single bitter coffee. In fact, I Actually I two people at the same time. The atmosphere and into a brief silence. You speak first I began. No, you better start I want to say, if you re all right, I want to go back. I do not want to stay here for more time, because my intuition tells me, do not leave, I will forever lost in this Coffee in the emotional world, but more do not want to have more disputes with her. She did not speak, but I have got up and wanted to leave. I know that if she and she continue to do so, I may reveal their identity. But also lost themselves. Wait She cried. I stopped, did not turn around. I know you love each other with each other, but I still want to say my heart because if I do not say so, maybe I will not have the opportunity to say, because tomorrow I want to transfer to a university in the South to study. Maybe I will not be back Today is my next day here. She stopped, took a deep breath and continued, In fact, I have. $txtArray[] = trim($text,\"\\r\\n\");



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