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Fidget Cube Invention urst of school bell rang, I sorted out the book began to come up with math textbooks because the first section of mathematics it To be a seven old eighty old man to mention the bag stumble to come, I The first impression is how are some of the old school ah The principal is the old man, even the teacher is the old man, it seems that the school should do a nursing home for the point But would like to go, after all, people can not be seen, which is from the Wu name, then just realized. Just then, a familiar figure broke into the classroom, a closer look turned out to be the morning I met the girl. Moment, the heart is not only a bit inexplicable happy, when she came to the seat, it seems to sense what, look to my side turn, I can fidget cube ebay uk not help but shocked Leng, then put the line of toy fidget cube shop sight away. But the old man said above, I did not listen to the content, because I do not know, perhaps, and just about it Vol. I, Chapter IV The whole class, I did not listen to a word in, just blindly looking at the girl in front of my fidget cube invention mind nothing, can be said to be a paste Look at the other side, sitting in front of the chapter Shen Hui is another feeling, the whole class down, she did not dare to move, reason Seems to feel the back of a pair of burning eyes like burning, so the whole class down the waist have become sour For a girl, this.see their system is nothing more than that, if not you turn off the power, maybe I now have access to the administrator privileges it. A little arrogant sound faintly back Road, is a girl s voice, obviously, she did not just listen to the voice. But it seems a little afraid of just that voice. But not on the surface Bale. I remember not my order to go there without cause trouble, Black Sword is not as simple as you think. Know it The last sentence is almost like a forced voice said coldly. Oh I know The girl is still in that tone back. But the pair of eyes that were out of place with her age showed that her experience was not ordinary. Jian Chen, help me look at whether the system has been damaged signs of desolation, to strengthen the system and server firewall settings, and install the software into it, and then look at the system to see if there is any damage to the system, I said, side out a CD delivery in the past. Then left the main control room. The accident really makes me feel a little powerless, walking in the grass of the Peak, thinking about what happened just do not know how, when one thing happened to me, that feeling, it will Spontaneously. And this feeling is more intense than usual, more to restless. But did not make people feel breathless. I threw my head up a bit, unable to sit on a stone, lookin.

e to do things and Road, this time cold autumn silent. Here, you and the small fire to help, here by me, we keep in touch. It seems that only the case. BK6 has completed the FA1 play, it seems he is really loyal to us, said one councilor. Things are not over, I believe that the Red Union over there should be in full swing and he was fighting it, Ha ha ha Do not control him in the afternoon I will target the fidget cube invention task plan to you, in addition to BK6 other people are fidget cube invention the first 3 In addition to acting FA1, FA2 acts to BK6 to complete, and you go to the side of the surveillance, what is wrong, immediately he killed and into the blacklist. However, why not let BK6 participate in this action, by his participation, I believe that our mission will be more smoothly. This thing you do not control, I will arrange. You go to work it The other party apparently issued a Zhugepin, Members can only Xingran retreat, the screen gradually become dimmed mark down. This damn ball, how so difficult Sitting in front of the computer screen, a small fire angrily Road. I always feel that the other side seems to have been like us ah Each attack to the crucial time they always immediately retreat, as if what is hidden in the like. Chen side of the puzzled. Let them not let us first, let s first good door to say it. What FA2 mission, why not let the same table That woman. I am less than the historical data. But the most I am happy is that he once again met Shen Hui, this is the most gratifying thing I feel. But if there is no help Yang song, perhaps I and her to meet, perhaps it is farewell, do not know how he is now. Thought of this, my mind can not help but emerge from another figure. And he Do not know where A morning, is it possible to see him again May give me a surprise. Self deprecating fidget cube qoo10 smile. Point with the smoke, leaning against the long lost old trees, looking at the horizon that was a large red sunset rendering. What are you thinking A silvery bell sounded in my ear. I subconsciously turned around and found that turned out to be the same barbaric girl at the same table. I nodded slightly to her, then turned back, a few Xu Xu circle of smoke from my mouth spit out after the wind was scattered, and left no trace. Are you always so silent She asked again, in a tone of rage. How do you want me to answer I took a deep breath. How do you answer I have no right to interfere. I am fidget cube invention silent for a long time When did you start smoking She asked. Do not know, perhaps in my most frustrated time There is no lack of bitter taste of the words. You like her She suddenly came to this one, really startled me startled. How do you know I asked in surprise

Fidget Cube Invention ld it be I thought hard, but can not think of anything. I looked at the familiar door, slowly left. But I do not know is that this time a pair of tearful eyes are looking at me, mouth whispering fool Fool At this point, my heart seems to hear a person is calling, looking around, a little disappointed, I did not find anything back, I continued to slowly walk forward. Suddenly, a voice stopped me, is a familiar voice, is my heart is looking forward to the sound, is her I slowly turned around, the two face to face, but separated by two or three meters. But the two slammed the heart is so close, close to each other. I do not know fidget cube invention how to go over, do not know when to hold her. I only know that no matter what happens, I have to hold in front of this girl. Even if I do not know her, and she may not know me. In fact, sometimes know a fidget cube invention person is not with words or other things to carry out, as long as the hearts of two people can feel each other, so you have me, I have you, that is enough. In fact, do not understand is a hint of cumbersome. That night, we did not go back, just stroll the night in the playground, read a night of stars, perhaps a lot of desire, she is greedy, see the meteor will make two wishes, and I was silly in the side giggle. Night playground is relatively cold, but I do not feel cold, just feel the.oice was a little surprised. Black Sword, the emerging network of organizations in the recent popularity of the network more and more up, but they are fidget cube invention doing is black is not black, white is not white , so no one knows what their organization is a nature of the organization, But their superb technology is no doubt, no one will doubt their technology, but also for this reason, recently in the network, frequently in the spread of Black Sword gossip. I would like to talk to Black Sword, if they can cooperate, after all, this virus is really menacing, and I suspect that this virus is the cause of our restraint is that they deliberately turn on the water, because I think it may be and that Black Sword I thought about how long they will come back, when it is difficult to clean up. She seemed a little nervous, but still said in a hint of tone. I have to explain to you, but no matter how strong the other side, I believe your strength. Voice is clearly believe that the front of this girl. I try to do it She seemed a little tired, unable to return. Then I go first. Then is the door open, and a rhythm of footsteps like shoes Small fire Boss, what are we looking for The room, a small fire can not wait to say, a few other people look fidget cube kickstarter youtube at me looking forward to. The virus infiltrated I suspect that the enemy fidget cube antsy labs deliberately arr.



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