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Fidget Cube Info rolled by me, but I worry that their administrators will find that time is pressing, or quick fix for the better. Information should be placed in the central computer, if the original plan to implement, then perhaps life is dead, but now the situation has been reversed, but they still need to be careful, this is what I have summed up the experience of those achievements, of course, Be a very general experience. But it is essential. Transmission speed is not imagined so slow, but from the inside view, the information does not seem much, I did not open to see, because I originally hate this network of things. I looked at the watch, time fidget cube info is running out, I quickly disconnect the system connection. Began to open a little known chat program. Connected to the phone, the headset came a hoarse male voice how to do it Well, when to exchange I answered cleanly, without the slightest mood swings, the sound seems to be electronic synthesis of the same, cold. But the other side seems to have been accustomed to my attitude. Continue to calm, said Half an hour after the pier in the XX see. Then they hung up. Slowly put down the hands of the headset, looked at the hands of the little floppy disk, I want all the note on your body, I hope you can bless the father and mother. Murmured white, I thought When their superstitious so Is ev.aked. That is, BLACK, there is a problem A2 Road. But also caught our people A3 interface Road. OK We accept the task, the rest of the things we can handle it. The captain opened the road, consult the National Security Bureau after the old man, then took us out. This task seems to require the implementation of the whole group of members together, perhaps since the establishment of the largest since the establishment of an action bar This task, A2, A3, and me a group of mixed in BLACK.A4, A6 a group in the periphery to collect intelligence, and monitor BLACK president MrJake.A4, A6 the two of you remember to keep in touch The captain instructed the assignment of the task, a serious look reminds me of the father and mother, do not know how they are now, is not the task is being performed, perhaps in a corner of the world fidget cube info Are all the distributions clear Clear NOProblem Everyone fidget cube info replied in unison. Everyone s eyes are filled with the slightest naked, solemn wait for this new task. OK We go to the equipment room to take the guy Instrument room as the name suggests, is the task we need to implement fidget cube info the tools, including the necessary arms. This task is not on the surface so simple, I believe we all should be aware of this, but when I heard that BLACK company, always felt as if something wrong, right eyelid jump in the mor.

believe they have agreed to cooperate with us. I know, I ll do the rest. In addition, the dark they have begun to attack the Black Swords. Girl silent, but fidget cube info stared at the front of the screen looking at the rate of infection of unknown viruses and urban network changes in the situation, but it is clear that the situation is not optimistic. Habitat reported today, 3 o clock yesterday morning, the urban network system infected by unknown viruses, so far, the spread of the virus is being further increased. Recent international news, to eight o clock in the morning well known sites, such as XX, are subject to unknown virus infection, the staff responsible for further work being carried out. XXX reports, so far the virus has been under control, but fidget cube info the virus is also being further investigation into the source, I believe that virus writers will soon be arrested. What do you think of this mutation I said quietly. fidget cube green First of all, the other side was we next to play, but then it is in our unprepared, invaded by the other side, and the success of the attack. Lengqiu a word to analyze Road. Although we tried to protect, the system is restored, and also checked, but the other side of our base is captured the indisputable fact. Jian Chen then Road. TM Even in the back of the cold guns.NND, I caught a non playing even his mother non attribute network organization. Membership is unknown. fidget cube europe After reading the information on the folder, the girl sighed heavily. Inadvertently looking up at the dark endless night sky, mouth muttered Why can not put down the burden Difficult is that I did wrong, if not that happened that good. Kim Sum, in the end is you Was it my fault The air flashing a crystal light, like the night sky in the fall of a meteor like bright holy Dark What happened Diablo messenger these days, according to the spy return, they are in the defense, whether to carry fidget cube info out appropriate attacks Dark No hurry, first look at say, another implementation of the X program, remember not to blame the people of the Red Union. Also note that the Black Sword every move, but can fidget cube info not act rashly. Hei hei messenger that personnel Dark Personnel I will arrange, and tomorrow to your staff information, and, that secret procedure to wait until compelled to use. Hei hei messenger know Boss Situation, it seems that the Red League is indeed true. Cold autumn side, said one side staring at the computer screen, his hands from time to time on the keyboard flying. This is the computer network I connected to the city yesterday, and now the virus began to attack, and the spread of faster than the last. Use my software it may be able to contain it. Jian Chen.phere, all in an fidget cube info instant feeling, absolutely can not be used in a few words can speak clear. Well Ha ha Really good The old man said, laughing, laughed loudly, without any restraint, see, he was fidget cube info very happy. Although I did not like the old man laughed, but the heart is also very happy. The old man I want to start again Help me arrange Laughter stopped, I said. The old man nodded approvingly and looked at me and smiled Oh fidget cube info Oh Do not worry This is your room to live later, the school s central computer database, which some information may be useful to you, you can Go in and see. Rest assured, the old man I know how to do it Although some of my personality changes, but I prefer to call him the old man. May be called accustomed to it But the president of the old man seems to be getting more and more smiles the old man, his room keys are ready, it seems this is his own fidget cube info planted to the trap, but this is willing to jump into it Ha ha So no how to say. Took the old man in the hands of that chic key, I took this relatively chic room. Since that came back at the top of the hill, I closed myself for two days, two days I sat like this, looking at the front of the void, there is the feeling of weakness. The brain has been wandering with such a question I live, for what money I have a lot of, and more with several life are used up t.

Fidget Cube Info races, unless fidget cube info the format hard drive, or Lal virus will always be hidden in the system. But after formatting the hard disk, the computer s data will disappear. And their goal is the source of the virus information, God If they get this thing, then it would be how terrible, but I think of that scene, my father mother Goal XX building third basement. The past few days, I have been searching for this little known building on why there is such a thing there, but also in the third basement, I see there must be something strange. But they do not mix in, money and no use. Only on the outside guarding. I think, if the computer simulation of the entire building, then Yes Or try to say. Back to the hotel room, I started to open the computer, the last time I just look at the information they gave me, so do not look carefully, but now I found that the software is actually very complete, the amount of content is not what I imagined small. To find a suitable simulation software, a few days before shooting down the digital photos into the computer, with the software simulation, which for me is like eating so simple. Initialization has been completed, I started the analysis, the basement does have three, but also connected, but I see each connection channel is the need for heavy detection, it seems really need to point.cting born. I did not bother him, because it is people can see that he did not even a tear flow out, cheated those who are not good heart is the mentally ill. Old man see this trick does not work, they come up with killer Jien If you do not agree, I ll Black Sword immediately dissolved. I moved, my heart is actually not want this, but the principle told me that can not agree. The old man saw the killer stream is still no effect on me, they did not speak, the two eyes in this way the eyes, the difference is that my eyes are entangled with a joking look, but the old man is entangled with anger can not be exposed, but Helpless look. See, the two will be so confrontation. Hey Then I go. For a long while, the old man finally go, I finally exhaled breath, but things are often do not care when you trigger out. The old man said Hey Since you do not, then you want to see the girl I think you should also do not want to see. Sounds like he was talking to himself, but I stood around Can clearly hear. Quickly asked The old man, just now you say who , Quickly said ah I shook his hard micro hunchback s body. The old man finally could not help but beg for mercy Quick Quick stop, my bones more quickly shake you She does not say who the girl is She is the person you always wanted to see, but who you do not know where she is, who are.



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