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Fidget Cube G4mer e speaker. Came together is a seemingly ordinary juvenile, but this is only ordinary people of his evaluation only. Over the ears of the hair to shine down to a uniform, a casual wear, shoulder carrying a backpack, eyes leisurely in the fidget cube g4mer students wanton floating, closed lips, revealing a trace of random and cold. People do not dare to face with him as the. This person is me Ouyang Kenshin. Wow Cool cool ah A female whispered cried, Minmin You say he is not cool ah Cut Adjacent to the boys together uttered contempt. And that the girl is called Min Min has never raised his head, who transferred a student stands. Kenshin Tell us about yourself, said the young female teacher. Everyone, I am Ouyang Jianxin, please take care of. Speaking at the same time I have been watching everyone here. Captain arranged for me to study in 3 3 class is not without the purpose, the biggest advantage is the target Yang song in this class to study, so the surveillance is relatively easy. Well, Kim Sum, your seat is there I should be carrying the backpack down the podium, my table is a girl. Nothing special, but very serious in reading, I did not disturb her, sit straight position, over time between the two people will have a tacit understanding, a kind of well do not make river potential. Sui also on my task a little less unnecessary troub.a gray haired old man sitting decadent in the corridor of the chair, his face seems to have tired and helpless an instant a lot of old. The old man, what happened I can not attend to the sweat on his forehead, anxiously asked. Hey you come in her ward, go in The old man got up to open the door, or as white decoration, in addition to some of the necessary medical equipment, the only one bed and Zhang wood Bench, and a small table. However, I do not expect is that their minds often think of Iraq at this time turned out to be the owner of this bed. For a time, I do not know how to express their feelings in mind, is helpless, is guilty, is sad. The head of the head of the prison head to know the truth to shut the door to leave, I slowly approached the bed, for me at this time it is like a bloodthirsty monster, ruthlessly eroded Shen Hui s body. Not far from the heart of the ECG and brain wave instrument is a flawless operation of the wave shaped lines in the small display on the beat, that she was either, but very fragile, which I know. Careful sitting fidget cube update on the edge of fidget cube g4mer the bed, because I am afraid to wake up quietly sleeping in the bed of the Iraqis. Holding her hand, she is a lot of lean, but also mature a lot, not holding her hand for a long time, so I miss the feeling, and now feel, but actually was in bed

htly back to the sentence, my heart suddenly cool a length, this is her voice Cold Can you give me another chance Come back to me, will not you I demanded. That year I asked you to let my father to live, okay Her voice is full of resentment. I I tried to explain, but she interrupted me. We do not say we can not the last sentence, she said a little melancholy to say, the tone was not so cold, but it still makes my heart broken again She is gone, and is the case of the same year, she is crying away, I did not catch up, but silly Leng Leng to stop in situ, ear echoed the words just We are not possible We Is impossible That year I balloon you let my father can come alive, okay She is still on that matter to heart. Ah I laughed softly, laughing a little bitter, a little self deprecating taste, a bit helpless, a little sad. A kind of urge to cry Before he left, he looked at me deeply, said Maybe the sadness is not all experienced, some things need to fight for themselves, to change, God will not help you because of your sorrow, he only Will create one after another unexpected things. Deeply took a breath, he returned to me that hundred dollar bills continued, Rangers who do not need to bring a lot of money. Then smiled and turned away from the go with. I remember he sai.ely make the same mistake again, so a small fire they fear Killer will not effect them, and may accidentally be the other loopholes, the price is annihilated. But I want is not the result, but would like to know my inference is not correct. Nothing, I want to prove my inference is not correct. What Boss, how can you do this This is the war is not what shit inference He did not finish, I was snapped interrupted In accordance with my words to do Boss Leng Qiu and small fire cried together, indeed, my practice can be regarded as the black sword to gamble, and this bet is not sure of ten percent, in fact, there are ten games which are grasping gambling Of it I fidget cube g4mer ordered you as the highest black sword, as I said to do I snapped shouted. People helpless, they can only follow my words to do, the fact that my inference is correct, but also proved my intuition is correct. However, this is the result I do not want the most, why is he Everyone s joy, everyone cried, small fire that victory cheers, cold autumn goes like melting out the snow like look. I looked at the moment, smile a bit, step out the door. Why How How fidget cube groupon could this be A figure stood in the corner of the corridor, murmuring. Because I have to add a small program in your file, although you will not find it even if you scan or find it, but fidget cube g4mer a small program.ang Kenshin, you stop me I stood back to her, did not move. She rushed to me in front of aggressive, eyes staring at me and said Why do you ignore every day a person s appearance, do not you think it is cool you do not smug, you do not match There is not too arrogant, it will only make you feel even more disgusting Finished without turning will buy fidget cube back to leave. I stood there, quietly wondering what she had just words, arrogant, cool Maybe two years ago you could say that to me. Looking back away, I suddenly felt a good familiar with her back, familiar so I think she is Shen Hui, however, this time I can not think so much. Because the head has come fidget cube g4mer another person. A man who is the same as me, but who is always antagonistic. If my door is not agents, then I will pay you this friend. Yang said. Unfortunately, we are agents, the agents of each other I calmly took his words said, there is no lack of tone in the smell of gunpowder. So, I want to be a notary way to beat my first strong opponent. He said this sentence when the mouth slightly to the mountain write write. What do you mean I had a strange feeling. This to you, hope you confidante of the disease effective. He took out an envelope and handed me Road. I took the envelope, opened a look, is Zhang drug formulations and use, the last line reads congenital heart disease we.

Fidget Cube G4mer to drink coffee, but now since come, regret it useless. There is no regrets in the world. Can you tell me why I dropped out After the Yangge incident came to an end, the organization has long been transferred to the name of the school, this is the end of each mission must be done after the funeral in order to avoid some unnecessary incidents. Of course I can not tell the truth, can only prevaricate Nothing. Oh She was a bit disappointed, Liu Mei unwittingly slightly sagging, a pair of big eyes with a trace of disappointment let me have a kind of indescribable feeling, want to tell each other the truth, but the fact is that I can not tell the truth. I do not know if you know, everyone has some more or less secret, but it will be hard fidget cube g4mer to be closed if they are not known, but if you say that, the secret will not be a secret, or More or less will bring some drawbacks. For a time we fell into silence, and slowly taste the coffee in hand. I have seen from an article such a sentence modern people keen to enjoy coffee, coffee in the taste of the details to enjoy life. The mood to drink coffee is very important. In fact, coffee is not in the mood, there is the mood of the people who drink coffee. Can also be said that a different state of mind, will give the coffee a different taste. Coffee sweet, bitter, sour, alcohol as the same table That woman. I am less than the historical data. But the most I am happy is that he once again met Shen Hui, this is the most gratifying thing I feel. But if there is no help Yang song, perhaps I and her to meet, perhaps it is farewell, do not know how he is now. Thought of this, my mind can not help but emerge from another figure. And he Do not know where A morning, is it possible to see him again May give me a surprise. Self deprecating smile. Point with the smoke, leaning against the long lost old trees, looking at the horizon that was a large red sunset rendering. What are you thinking A silvery bell sounded in my ear. I subconsciously turned around and found that turned out to be the same barbaric girl at the same table. I nodded slightly to her, then turned back, a few Xu Xu circle of smoke from my mouth spit out after the wind was scattered, and left no trace. Are you always so silent She asked again, in a tone of rage. How do you want me to answer I took a deep breath. How do you answer I have no right to interfere. I am silent for a long time When did you start smoking She asked. Do not know, perhaps in my most frustrated time There is no lack of bitter taste of the words. You like her She suddenly came to this one, really startled me startled. How do you know I asked in surprise



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