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Big Sale Fidget Cube the means, I left the room, easily close the door. Now mainly from there to mix into a card, but this easy to handle, that is, take a to But the problem is to do big sale fidget cube this before the need to get some security big sale fidget cube monitoring system inside the means. I went to the bank took a million, my father gave me the money, I now only used less than one hundred, one million is only a fraction of it, I do not feel a lot. From several mechanical configuration parts, buy what you want, easily also bought a mobile phone. Back to the hotel, I closed the door, told the waiter downstairs, without my permission not allowed to come in, and rewarded them some tips, looking at those who took the money Pidianpidian run away the waiter, I can not help Revealing a trace of a rare sad smile. Half a day, I spent a half day has done dozens of button sized miniature electromagnetic interference device, although the name is big sale fidget cube very dizzy, but it is not imagined so difficult to produce. Connected with the laptop, I began to install their own secret weapon, the laptop and personal computer connected, and with the electromagnetic interference to form a control return. My personal computer watch is a computer with the satellite positioning system to connect, although big sale fidget cube the amount of content is not large, but also enough and those common system Competition for a w.

ect It is better to go there to see it, a long time did not go there, do not know the kid is not in the. Into the chat room, not only makes me feel a very familiar feeling, for a long time did not come, feeling as if to return to their home the same. Small fire boss You come Well off Boss Small hackers boss, woo I miss you You finally come Kenshin Oh Use it Small fire boss Today, how come to think of here ah Kenshin Oh I have nothing to look up, some time ago a little busy, so did not come. Well off boss We were supposed to call you, but now I have a very special computer network College, what the phone can not take, but can not step out of the school half step, so Small fire eh How and I like ah I was on a very special network of colleges, by All day let us stay in this damn school, out can not go out, suffocated Small hackers strange How so clever I also like you ah Kenshin I also At this point, I can not help a bit surprised, it seems that my companions are likely to study in the same school and I, Oh I really do not know what they Zhang. Small hackers ah Is not it, the boss fidget cube commercial you and we are the same Well off Yes ah Boss How do you like our network college ah Not really. Small fire We are not many Chinese network college, I think we are probably in the same college, but we do not know each other no.not know. The nurse left. Immediately, I ran down the stairs, the way out of the phone, Hey, old big sale fidget cube man, do you know Shen Hui has an uncle Hey ah Hey brats, did not wait for me to hang up, more and more against the. She did not have an uncle, how now emerge out big sale fidget cube of an uncle out of thin air, intuition told me this is not a coincidence, is a conspiracy. Just went downstairs, two foreigners holding a familiar figure into the hospital door into the corner of a black Mercedes Benz inside. I rushed in the past, but it is also catch up with the front of the car, shouting in my ear slowly became the echo, fidget cube 6 sided stop the foot left a red note The third chapter of the sixteenth chapter incomplete ending End I am honored, I am That is, the dark organization of the Chief Raoer Niya invited you at 2 pm, the outskirts of a Syria, because the place is not, I hope you come alone, otherwise I can not guarantee your beloved woman s safety Red note. The phone rings. Boss, today to celebrate it, after all, today we won the battle. How Lengqiu they agreed to join the Red League and the people together, boss Speak ah Is the voice of a small fire, but I now Has long been beloved people were caught in the pain dazzled, bully photo replied I have something, you celebrate it. Then close the phone. Be careful, what happened At this point, the principal.e a discourse over Yo To see who is coming, is our school s newborn eh He pulled very neon The school alone built a loft to him, now stand in the dormitory door, Will be caught a MM it Ha ha ha ha ha ha I am aversion to this sound, but also fidget cube keychain very familiar with, and bullying me, no matter what is on him, as long as I remember, I will remember Clear. Just issued a sound, do not look also know that day with water splashing my bitch that woman, that is, Wu said the mouth of the school director of the daughter of the school big sale fidget cube Xu Xiaohuan I did not care about her words, still sitting there waiting for the chapter Shen Hui, perhaps that tired, she looked at me arrogantly into the building. My heart secretly vowed, I will be a hundredfold times to revenge her, and all the people with whom she has organizations. Hacker s revenge is very heavy heart, is also very cruel, I am an example. Soon, a familiar figure slowly walked in the hands carrying a thin box I know that there is what I want. The body involuntarily greeted up, took the weight of the computer, said the sound went to their own nest went. I go in a hurry, perhaps eager to avenge the psychological bar My heart sinking sleeping hacker has been slowly wake up The first chapter of Chapter VI The weather is late, near the beauty of the evening I did no.

Big Sale Fidget Cube What what You mean the Red Double Ax Dark one Yes Diablo You do not have to be involved in this, the organization will send you to carry out the new task. Here I will arrange. Dark one know. Silence The second volume of the twentieth chapter under the fate of the sky on Long time did not go to the town to stroll, and a small fire they said the sound will leave, they know me, did not ask me how long. In fact, I would like to be an ordinary day, to meet in the vast sea of people, but I have not achieved, I am very disappointed, but also guilty, but this has not been a good chance to see her again. For a long time, I was thinking, he was not wrong, if not too arrogant, too careful, the police will not come, and Shen Hui will not leave me Bustling on the road, pedestrians coming and going. In passing a bridge, I saw a wanderer, no To big sale fidget cube be more precise, big sale fidget cube he was a wanderer because he was playing with his guitar, watching out, he was very care for his guitar. I have to listen very clearly, is a life with you, he played well, I had to admire in the mind, not only to stop, not only a lot of people, but also a lot of people, While depending. Singing big sale fidget cube fresh and elegant, faint, but it also appears to have a trace of the vicissitudes of life, I can not help but be infected by his voice, no The exact point busy. I am a little impatient. Come, I tell you, this is the US Federal Bureau of Investigation of MrChen. President introduced the old man sitting next to the appearance of this young man is not surprising, and I almost high, high nose, slightly to the retraction Of the eye socket. Black hair, a straight suit. A look that is a hybrid. At this point he was very friendly to me nod, but it was also I saw that look in that look of contempt, I pretend to see nothing, subconsciously beat greeting. President of the old man continued This is what I often mention that Black Sword hacker organization of the Chief Executive Ouyang Kenshin. At this point, the half breed to see my eyes paused, the eyes of a flash of surprise was naked. China is really a place where talented people, I am really an eye opener today. That is the authentic Mandarin. The old man, what is the matter quickly, I hurry back, something ah. No time to fast. I am a little impatient Road. MrChen this time to the dark organization of this matter, they have been widely distributed on the network If you do not release other dark organization, then it will fidget cube toy stress relief focus for adults cause the world economic crisis, and there are three Chinese agents will be buried. Things have caused a degree of panic, the dark organization in almost every country has a certain position, and the inte.



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